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Akram's Ideas: January Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds January 2016

I love going vintage shopping and it also helps that I now live down the street from some of the best vintage/antique stores in the city.

Usually on lazy Sunday’s me and the hubby take a few minutes to stroll down main street to see what the local shops have.

January can be a sort of hit or miss when it comes to vintage shopping. Some booth might be slim pickings as most of their inventory was sold during Christmas. While others are freshly stocked with items that have been recently discarded by their previous owners to make room for their new Christmas toys.

Personally I wasn’t really looking for anything particular, just sort of window shopping. Though I did pick up a few small items I’m really happy with.

Ship Brooch

Akram's Ideas: January Vintage Finds - brooch
The brooch has a nice color and sparkle.

My hubby actually pointed out this lovely ship brooch to me. We’d been watching Poirot on Netflix and he thought the ship had a very art deco feel to it.

At $10 I couldn’t agree more. I think the brooch is lovely and while I’m not sure just how vintage it is, does have that look about it. I’ve since wore this brooch with my blue wool swing coat and it paired great together.

Wicker Purse

Akram's Ideas: January Vintage Finds-purse
I really like the size of this purse

Wicker type purses are somewhat popular vintage items. While I’ve come across them before, they usually aren’t in the best shape or just too small to really get anything inside of.

This particular purse though was actually a pretty decent size and I really liked the shape of it.

It also featured (I’m guessing) a bakelite handle and a lovely metal magnetic clasp. I think the clasp maybe my favorite part.

Ribbon Hat

Akram's Ideas: January Vintage Finds - Hat
The material of the hat is very different

The last item I took home with me was this interesting white hat. It’s not straw , but I’m going to say it sort of a very stiff ribbon texture. The hat is basically made into loops from the ribbon material.

I don’t really need a new hat (I have so many) but I’d never come across this particular kind before so I couldn’t resist. Now the only thing left to do is find something to wear it with.

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Akram's Ideas: January Vintage Finds

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