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Level 31 and counting

I don’t see how people do it. I played all day Saturday and still my WOW character has only moved up one level. Though my goal wasn’t to actually do questing, but instead to go plant collecting, since my level 31 mage is an herbalist and I need plants to build up my alchemy.
I hear about a lot of people saying they went from 20 to 40 so quickly, but I seem to be slow. I think the main reason is I have five characters that I play often, and two who are now 31 and 20. Each of my characters have special qualities, not only that they each have a profession that another can benefit from so helping them level will help another one obtain ingredients or quest items that might be difficult to find other wise.

I’ve also been considering starting a guild. One of my characters is already in a guild but, the guild is never on the same time I’m on and they don’t do much of anything. If I do start a guild I plan to have weekend dungeon raids and send gifts to guild members. Stuff like that.

Right now all my characters are Alliance but I might make a horde charcter later on. My big thing right now is to create a Darneir to become a jewel crafter. But I haven’t got around to it yet.

Oh well, that’s my little info about my WOW status. Just thought I’d jot it down.

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