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G3 Expo 2015 - Cosplay and other things

G3 Expo 2015 – Cosplay and other things

While it’s nearly been a month since the 2nd Annual G3 Expo, I’m only now getting a chance to write about it.

The G3 (Graphics, Gadgets, and Games) Expo is an event that I organize at Pittsburg State University. This event is open to the public and is all about sharing the love of graphics, gadgets and games.

G3 Expo attendees signing in
G3 Expo attendees signing in

This year’s event marked the 2nd annual G3 Expo, (you can read about last year’s event here). As always it takes a full year to make this event happen, from booking the venue, scheduling speakers, setting up workshops and recruiting exhibitors. Of course, all my hard work is usually paid off, with a successful event.

This year’s event was comic book themed and I couldn’t resist doing some cosplay. I dressed up as Agent Carter. I actually already had the red hat and by chance found a blue suit on sale. Unfortunately, I was so busy the day of the event I didn’t really get a chance to take any good photos of me in my costume.

Opening session with me dressed as Agent Carter
Opening session with me dressed as Agent Carter

Speaking about being busy, this year our event doubled in attendees. We went from 100 attendees to just about 200 this year. Wow! I have to say thanks to all our student volunteers without whom it would be impossible to coordinate such an event. Also, big thanks to Katie Sauter, one of our GIT students who took all these amazing photos.

Shot of attendees at on of our many speaker sessions.
Shot of attendees at on of our many speaker sessions

This year we added to the schedule, including not only guest lectures but several hands on workshops. The workshops were very popular, especially the photography workshops and the game development workshop, which just so happens to be one my hubby taught.

3D Workshop taught by Chris Burris
3D Workshop taught by Chris Burris

Before and during the event I got interviewed by several media outlets including, KZRG 102.9 news radio, KKOW 96.9 country radio and The Morning Sun (local paper). I even appeared on the local news that night in my costume (see below).

While the event went very well, I did have a bit of an accident. During the live band at lunch time we ran out of tables for attendees to set. So, me and a few students decided to run and get a few, and as we were moving them, one landed on my left toe, ouch!

Local band Among The Lost, preforming at the G3 Expo
Local band Among The Lost, performing at the G3 Expo


The next day my toe was swollen and blue. I ended up going to the doctor for an x-ray. The good news is that it wasn’t broken, just a really deep bruise. The bad news is that it’s a month later and my toe is still blue, but at least I can now put some weight back on it.

Aside from the injury I think the whole event was very successful and am already planning for next year’s event set for Saturday, March 26, 2016.

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G3 Expo 2015 - Cosplay and other things

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