Akram's Ideas

Akram’s Ideas

After years of having misscelebrity.net I decided to change my URL and website.
Mainly because I just didn’t feel like Miss Celebrity. For one, I got married so I wasn’t a Miss any more. Two, I never really felt like Miss Celebrity. Don’t get me wrong I still believe I’m famous and that the whole world still has yet to find out. Yet, I just began thinking do I want to be known as Miss Celebrity, I mean nobody calls me that. to everyone I’m just Akram.

Thus if I am to place my Famous presence on the web I need to do it with the name I want everyone to remember… Akram.

So, I decided on Akram’s Ideas, because this site is for all my crazy ideas, that someday will help the world to see just how famous I truly am.

In the mean time the site also includes links to my portfolio, resources, comics and even my instructor site (which is another reason I changed my address). After becoming a college professor and having to set up a class site, I thought it a little silly for it to be on misscelebrity.net address, thus akramsideas.com/education made better sense.

Well there you have it! A new year, a new site and a new look. I know, I know, not again.. but I just can’t help changing my site. So if your new to my website, keep coming back, it’s never looks the same, I always change it.

Hope every likes it.

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